Stephen King sues escaped New York convicts for copyright infringement

PORTLAND, MAINE— Horror writer Stephen King has filed a copyright lawsuit against Richard Matt and David Sweat, two criminals who recently gained notoriety for escaping a high-security prison in New York.

The lawsuit claims that Matt and Sweat imposed upon the intellectual property of King when they used tools to dig a hole in their prison cell before escaping through a drain pipe, similar to the King story The Shawshank Redemption.

rita hayworth“The intricate details of Andy Dufresne’s iconic path to freedom were blatantly plagiarized from our client,” King’s representative said. “There is no way they weren’t thinking, ‘this is totally Shawshank’ when they were making their escape.”

King is seeking $100 million in reparations and security of any film rights that will likely otherwise become a Lifetime Original Movie.

The convicts’ legal team issued a press release stating that they intend to fight the “frivolous lawsuit,” and that their clients are model citizens who have done no wrong.

“King has a long and well known history of frivolous litigation,” reads the press release. “Any kid’s birthday party clown or prison system with a magical African American man on death row can attest to that fact.”

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