Objective sports fan looks forward to his team winning Super Bowl yet again

Local sports fan Nathaniel Fairweather said he looks forward to watching his favorite team win the Super Bowl for the eighteenth consecutive year.

sports team“I feel truly blessed that I am never let down,” said Fairweather. “Thanks to my abandonment of the typical, arbitrary fan model, I am free to root for the winner in every game.”

According to Fairweather, the freedom to switch sides all the way up until the last second of a game is the key to his successful fandom.

“There is also the benefit of being able to switch teams after a game when person who is sore about the loss is looking for a barroom brawl,” said Fairweather.

The only drawback according to Fairweather is that the cost of maintaining countless versions of fan clothing and useless tchotchkes is a financial burden, but the cost he says is worth it as he never has to feel illogical flashes of sadness as a team he isn’t even a part of gets paid handsomely to fail.

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