After upset, the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl XLVIII Champs

Defying all odds, as well as the very rules of the game, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to an unlikely victory over the Denver Broncos at the NFL Super Bowl.

The Patriots, who were not even supposed to be in the Super Bowl following their loss to the Denver Broncos, unveiled that they had been posing as the Seattle Seahawks the whole night.

The Seahawk disguised Patriots thoroughly outsportsed the Broncos throughout the night.


At the end of the game the Seahawk disguised Patriots lead the Broncos 43-8

Silence befell the stadium as Tom Brady removed the Seahawks helmet while shaking a very confused Peyton Manning’s hand.

Leading up to the game, literally all but one person expected the Patriots could pull this one off.

During the  post-game press conference the Patriots were uniformly silent and unmistakably somber when asked about the whereabouts of the actual Seahawks.

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