“Time traveler” disrupts presidential press conference

WASHINGTON D.C.A man claiming to be “Future Obama” appeared suddenly during a press conference at the White House today.

The event unfolded after the White House lost electricity for a brief moment prior to a blinding burst of light flooding the room.

Another man, who Future Obama claimed was “Future Joe” was also present following the flash of light.

President Present-tense Barack Obama was whisked away immediately following the flash as a gun fight quickly erupted between agents and the alleged futuristic duo.

In the end all agents were down while Future Obama was dramatically clutching a mortally wounded Future Joe.

“This is a big [inaudible due to dramatically coughing up blood]-ing deal,” Future Joe said before his body went limp.

Future Obama quickly took to the microphone where he claimed to have traveled from three years in the future to prevent our involvement in Syria.

Image“The path we are about to embark upon leads us directly to the darkest time line,” said Future Obama grimly. “Mmm, let me be clear: shit gets dark, shit gets real dark.”

Future Obama was then tackled by several agents and is now being detained.

President Present Obama has sworn to never allow this to happen again and has directed the full resources of the NSA and CIA to tracking his and Present Joe’s every move.

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