Roy Moore campaign robocalling mothers for permission

Businesswoman using mobile phone at back seat of the car

Roy Moore’s senate campaign is shifting its energy towards damage control in light of several allegations that Moore has made unwanted sexual advances toward women and teen girls as young as 14 years old while he was in his 30s.

According to a press release, the Moore campaign will be pursuing a safe strategy of securing permission from all Alabamian mothers.

“Moore has already done told y’all he always asked for mumma’s permission before takin’ a lover,” reads the press release. “Now just to be extra safe we gonna go on ahead and make sure we get the approval of every mother in this fine state.”

Stubhill News has secured an exclusive first look at the audio content of the robocall requesting permission for Moore to engage in sexual acts with your children.


At press time, some poor, hopeful souls in Alabama honestly think there is a chance Roy Moore might lose the senate race.

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