Eminem early frontrunner in 2020 presidential election

eminem president

According to early polling, rap artist Eminem is currently poised to win the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Pollster Bruce Mathers said the early reactions to the polling statistics were that of complete shock.

“Jaws were on the floor when the results first came in,” said Mathers. “It was as if we had all witnessed something unexpected and unspeakable, such as an instance of spousal abuse.”

Upon further data analysis, it makes sense that Eminem would be favored to win.

President Barack Obama’s irreproachable flow was pivotal in securing the presidency in his campaign against Senator John McCain’s weak-ass rhymes.

While the 2016 election had a remarkable lack of flow from either main candidate, Donald Trump courted favor with the public through his willingness to show up unprepared to every event only to freestyle.

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