Obama asks Trump to donate $50 million to Houston relief efforts

Trump Obama

In the bygone era of the early twenty-tens, reality star Donald Trump offered President Barack Obama as much as $50 million dollars to a charity of the president’s choosing if he would share his birth certificate with the world.

Without accepting the millions in incentives, Obama would later reveal his birth certificate in a failed attempt to allay the concerns of people that would never believe him.

Obama has come around to the concept of Trump giving millions to charity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“I know Trump has already generously offered to put $1 million towards recovery efforts, but I’ve glimpsed Donald’s passion and I know he can dig deeper within himself and his pockets,” said Obama. “Let me be clear, Donald has my permission to care every bit as much about one of the greatest natural disasters as he did about obtaining my birth certificate. You have my blessing, Donald.”

The early twenty-tens was an era of many high risk gambles.

Bill Maher once offered $5 million to Trump if he could prove that he wasn’t the product of his mother banging an orangutan.

Trump never collected the $5 million.

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