Uncles who think Obama a Kenyan-born Muslim demand more proof of Trump-Russia ties


U.S. uncles are still skeptical that the Russian government intervened to assist the Trump campaign in the 2016 presidential election according to a new report released by the nonprofit Concerned Nieces and Nephews.

The report, which was compiled during last week’s July 4th family gathering by CNN, alleges that Uncle Samuel Seabury’s support for acting president Donald Trump has been unfazed by multiple reports of Trump campaign officials having secretive meetings with Russian agents.

Seabury was confronted about his inconsistent application of skepticism to the issues of Obama’s origins and the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with the Russians.

The confrontation allegedly sent Seabury into a rant which finished on the assetion that his niece and nephew were simply too young and that the two parties should reengage when the younger had lived a little.

At least the fireworks were pretty cool, according to the report.

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