Kendall Jenner gives Assad a Pepsi


In a bold diplomatic move, celebrity Kendall Jenner has hand delivered a Pepsi to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The move comes in the wake of a recent gas attack upon the Syrian people which the U.S. government has accused the Assad regime of orchestrating.

Despite the undeniable boldness of the move, Middle East expert Dr. Bartholomäus Pepper is skeptical that the move will bear any diplomatic fruit.

“The Syrian war is a complex and sad situation,” said Pepper. “It is unlikely Assad is going to give much consideration to someone with a mere 21 million followers on Twitter.  President Obama had nearly 80 million followers and first access to new episodes of Game of Thrones and still struggled with Assad.”

At press time, twitter users were complaining about the tone deafness of the gift as it is widely accepted that when it comes to matters of the world one traditionally buys a coke.

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