Alabama drive-in to edit gay character out of Beauty and the Beast


An Alabama drive-in theater has vowed to edit Beauty and the Beast to remove the openly-gay character LeFou.

The new Beauty and the Beast film has stirred up controversy by including what will be Disney’s first openly-gay character, though it is not a well-kept secret that Happy is extremely gay.

The move created opposition from social conservatives, which has at least one Alabama drive-in refusing to show the film.

Now another Alabama drive-in is taking it a step further by agreeing to air a version of the film that they will edit in-house.

The edited version will remove any scene featuring LeFou and replace it with “wholesome and family-friendly heterosexual intercourse,” according to the owner of Bubba’s Live Bait and Drive-in Moving Picture.

When pressed on the concern that the edit may raise more questions for younger viewers than simply having an openly gay character on screen, Bubba bristled.

“I already said it was gon’ be wholesome, dagnabbit,” said Bubba. “Missionary with no eye contact or visible pleasure on their faces, just the way the good lord intended.”

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