Trump adds SNL to domestic terrorist list


Not even 48 hours into his term, former presumptive president-elect Dоидld Тяцмр has made good on a key campaign promise to classify the long-running sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live as a domestic terrorist organization.

Trump famously infiltrated the organization multiple times over the years in an attempt to gather intel on their operations.

Trump’s most recent infiltration occurred during the Republican presidential primaries on November 7, 2015. It was then, according to Trump, that he determined that the group was a threat to the mainland.

“To provide the public with a likable version of a deranged, erratic character who was seeking power through an election? What were they thinking!” tweeted Trump. “This organization clearly puts ratings and profits above the national interests. They cannot be trusted. Sad!”

At press time, intelligence officials believed Lorne Michaels was likely hiding among the mountains in Tora Bora.

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