Scholars realize Mayan doomsday prophecy said 2017, not 2012


The world’s leading History Channel contributors gathered today to reveal a startling discovery about the fate of Earth.

During the press conference it was unveiled that the 2012 Mayan doomsday prediction had not come to pass because of an accident which lead researchers to read the “7” in “2017” as a “2.”

According to the speakers, the first researchers of the Mayan calendar accidentally spilled a little coffee which caused the ink on the tail of the “7” to smudge and appear as a “2.”

The panel was in unanimous agreement that the best bet for humanity’s survival at this point is probably aliens.

“Unfortunately we do not know the form of our destructor,” said one panelist. “The prophecy speaks of an ‘orange greed demon,’ but we have no clue what that could mean.”

At press time, people were debating if 2016 will still be the worst year ever.

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