Trump can’t stop crying about Clinton’s 2.7 million popular vote lead


According to sources close to president-elect Donald Trump, the former comedian cannot help but cry inconsolably whenever he reminded of the reality that he is currently trailing Hillary Clinton by 2.7 million votes.

Trump’s sorrow is not limited to tears however, loss of appetite and violent outbursts also plague the most unpopular president-elect in U.S. history.

Just last night Trump was reportedly unable to even touch his caviar. The president-elect eventually flipped the plate before repeatedly asking “why don’t they like me?”

“It’s really hard to watch,” said our anonymous source. “It’s especially tragic for me. No girl likes to see her father cry.”

Attempts to soothe the 70-year-old toddler by suggesting that undocumented immigrants illegally voting were to blame for the popular vote loss backfired.

“At first it seemed to stop his tears,” said totally super-secret source. “But then he just starting wailing even louder, pointing out that ‘no one respects illegals more than me. No one.”

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