Trump takes Japanese PM to PF Chang’s


Donald Trump’s first visit with a foreign leader, the Prime Minister of Japan Kesuke Miyagi is off to good start after the two had lunch at PF Chang’s.

“Mr. Miyagi deserves only the best,” said Donald Trump. “We are going to the best Asian restaurant in the world. Did I mention I love the Asians? No one loves the Asians more than me. Afterwards we are going to watch some Kung Fu movies while discussing foreign policy, nuclear armament, soy sauce, and trade deals.”

The tactic is reminiscent of earlier moves during the election, notably Trump’s Cinco de Mayo taco bowl picture which lead to Trump capturing 98 percent of the Hispanic vote.

A Japanese representative praised the president-elect, noting that Trump’s behavior was only half as offensive as they’d feared.

At press time, Trump was asking the prime minister if he “wanted to karate in the garage.”

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