Trump makes final effort to appeal to black voters

trump black face

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee and former comedian Donald Trump made an appearance in blackface on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, in what many are describing as a final appeal to black voters.

Political analysts initially criticized Trump’s appearance, which prompted Trump to fire back in defense while claiming that what appeared to some as blackface was simply an uneven suntan.

“I obviously fell asleep in my backyard while lying in a diamond skin cream bath,” said an indignant Trump.

Trump used the criticism to highlight common ground between himself and black voters during a conference for the Colored People Action Committee.

“I’m being attacked simply for the color of my skin,” said Trump to thunderous eye rolling. “I now completely understand the unique experience of African Americans. Vote for me!”

The experience of discrimination so moved Trump that he later tweeted that his campaign would be changing its slogan to “kill whitey.”

kill whitey

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