EXCLUSIVE: Locker Room disavows Trump



Former presumptive republican presidential nominee and comedian Donald J. Trump’s defense of recently leaked comments by classifying them as “locker room talk” has earned a stern disavowal from Locker Room.

The disavowal and distancing occurred in an exclusive, sit-down interview with Stubhill News this morning.

“I don’t know what in the Hell he’s talking about,” said Room. “Look at the guy, he’s soft. He hasn’t visited me in over 50 years and he thinks he can throw me under the bus?”

According to Room, Trump’s locker room behavior had always been questionable, but never did he observe young Trump engaging in talk of sexual assault or exploitation.

“He was an ass, for sure, but it didn’t go any further than giving wedgies and swirlies while spouting homophobic slurs,” said Room. “Now, that is locker room behavior, but I only allow it because it builds character. I’ll tell you what. If more people had experienced childhood trauma by people like Trump, there’s no way he would have become the Republican nominee.”

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