More theater kids joining militias due to “Hamilton”


Add another to the list of accomplishment for Broadway sensation Hamilton: An American Musical as local militias across the country are reporting a boom in participation.

While the turn of event makes for a strange alliance, the uptick in theater kids has been welcome by established militias.

According to local militiaman Chris Jackson, the new members’ ferocity is remarkable and their added numbers are welcome.

“What they lack in modern firearms and paranoia they more than make up for in rhythm and passion,” said Jackson. “We are out gunned, out manned. We need all the help we can get.”

According to Jackson, any misconception about the manliness of the new members was quickly remedied by their penchant for drinking and solving disputes with duels.

“My only concern with the new blood is their weaponry,” added Jackson. “Muskets aren’t exactly helpful. And where the hell do they keep getting these cannons?”

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