Crying Trump begs Clinton to be more politically correct

Donald Trump held a press conference today in response to recent comments by Hillary Clinton alleging that a significant chunk of Trump’s supporters are “deplorable.”

“It’s really wasn’t nice what she said, in fact it hurt a lot,” said an inconsolable Trump. “Words do hurt, and I see that now. That’s why, going forward, Donald J. Trump is going to make every effort to run the most politically correct campaign ever.”

Hillary Clinton held a press conference to address the controversy, opening with an apology.

“I sincerely apologize for suggesting that half of Trump’s supporters could be put into the basket of deplorables when really it’s only like a third of his supporters that are bigoted dipshits,” said Clinton. “I can’t apologize for calling it like I see it and speaking my mind. My campaign will never bow to the pressures of political correctness.”

Trump responded on Twitter by calling the revised assessment a fair estimate.

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