All-natural alternatives to expensive EpiPens


The cost for the life-saving EpiPen has skyrocketed, leading many to explore alternatives.

The EpiPen is a medical device that delivers measured doses of epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, via a spring-loaded shot.

Adrenaline is naturally produced by the body, fear and pain notably result in a natural surge of adrenaline.

Fear and pain are our friends according Dr. Seymour Hack, a professional blogger and self-proclaimed expert in the field of natural medicine.

“EpiPens’ have unnatural forms of adrenaline,” said Hack. “In fact, they do not even work. Big pharma tricks the user into thinking their product is working when really it’s the natural adrenaline that is being produced by the fear of dying and the pain of being poked in the leg.

Hack offered several natural alternatives to cause natural adrenaline spikes.

“I must stress that anaphylactic shock is already the body naturally responding, but if one insists on ending this beautiful, natural process there are a number of natural ways,” said Hack. “For starters, like with the hiccups, try having mommy or daddy scaring you. If that does not work, turn to the professionals. Go to your local theater and grab a ticket fora horror movie. Might I suggest Hold Your Breath?”

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