Opposition to handicap bathroom segregation grows


WASHINGTON, DC—Advocacy groups are raising their voices in opposition to draconian laws constraining disabled individuals in public settings.

An advocacy group for the disabled known as Handicapped Or Really Needy Youth held a rally in DC protesting the segregation of disabled people

“For too long normies have limited us to handicapped parking spaces and bathroom stalls!” exclaimed the demonstration’s leader Professor Charles Xavier. “We must end this segregation! They force us into our own bathroom stalls just because we are different, and we will not have it!”

The rally itself was protested by another rally for the organization Disabled 2, or D2, an advocacy group for those who may not have been born disabled but associate with the disabled identity.

“We are sick of these advocacy groups only catering to cis-abled people. We are proud to be transabled!” declared D2’s power-forward Frank Reynolds.

“These cis-abled people are trying to take away our prime parking spots and roomy bathroom stalls. I will not stand for this discrimination!”

Frank Reynolds, a former Olympic athlete, has only been openly transabled since coming out last year.

His remarks since his public transition have caused controversy after he declared the most difficult part of being disabled is “figuring out which sweet spot I want to park in,” which many felt trivialized the transabled struggle.

Frank Reynolds is currently involved with an anti-discrimination lawsuit with the US Olympic Committee as he finds it unjust that he cannot qualify for the US Paralympic Team because of his birth ability.

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