North Carolina amends controversial “bathroom bill”

bathroomNORTH CAROLINA—North Carolina state legislators have responded to pressure from multiple advocacy groups and the federal government over the state’s controversial “bathroom bill” that forces transgendered persons to use the bathroom matching their biological gender.

The bill was passed in hopes of preventing males from enter a womens’ restroom with the intention of voyeurism or sexual abuse.

The amended bill now states the exception that males can only maliciously enter a womens’ restroom if they are either a brother or first cousin of the occupant.

“Who are we to prevent legitimate heterosexual romance” asked local representative Billy McJoebob, Esquire. “In all honesty it’s how I first courted my current wife. It was the only way to find time alone at a family reunion.”

The bill passed with 90 percent support, the remaining 10 percent withheld the vote because they were unable to read the bill.

Human rights groups hailed the move as a tremendous step toward progress which resulted in a stubbed toe.

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