Ben Affleck is “wicked sorry” about Batman v Superman

Affleck Sad Gif 2

BAWSTIN—In a recent interview, Ben Affleck apologized to comic book fans for the quality of the recent film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“I’m wicked sorry Batman vs. Supaman wasn’t too pissah,” said Affleck. “Deahdevil didn’t do so well and I was hoping to be in a bettah supahero movie. I was wicked excited to one day take on the Jokah or the Riddlah. Now I fear my reign as the Dahk Knight may be ovah soon.”

Affleck admitted that he knew going into the project that his portrayal of Batman would be a career challenge after Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale set a really high bah.

The movie has been receiving mixed to negative reviews, and even though Affleck tried “wicked hahd,” the “decisions of the directah and screenwritah” made a weak story tough to sell.

“You should still see Suicide Squad,” Affleck argued. “The brawd playing Hahley Quinn is wicked hawt.”

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