Food Babe in critical condition after learning all food contains chemicals

Foodbabe Site

The internet’s leading pretend health expert Vani Hari, aka “The Food Babe” is on a food strike after discovering that all food contains chemicals.

“I really feel betrayed by nature right now,” said a weakened Hari. “All these years I’ve been pushing nature’s products when they are chock-full of chemicals, some of which I can’t even pronounce!”

Hari nearly starved to death before medics where forced to place her on life support.

Despite receiving nutrition intravenously, an Hari remains committed to her cause.

“I will remain food-free until Gaia at least offers chemical-free food options,” Hari tweeted.

A source close to Hari mistakenly confided in Stubhill News that The Food Babe had been tricked into believing life support was chemical-free.

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