Hamilton musical to be turned into a book

Hamilton SiteNEW YORK—The smash Broadway hit Hamilton has been shattering records and is expected to win awards for years to come. The hip-hop inspired musical is not stopping yet; it has become the first Broadway show to land a book deal based on the musical.

“We are really excited to have landed a book deal,” said playwright and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda. “We have been approached by several publishers fascinated at this previously untold story. They were amazed that this story had never been told before in book form.”

The book has also been preemptively given the green light for a movie deal to be directed by Michael Bay.

The media crossover doesn’t end with a simple movie and a book deal. Other producers are lined up to make an officially-licensed pornographic parody titled The Erection of 1800, of which there is a publisher deal to write an erotic novel based upon the movie.

“We are really excited to see a lot of original ideas happening,” claimed Ponce de Leon, CEO of Disney, who went on to detail plans to buy out the Hamilton franchise and build a series of sequels staring the titular character.

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