Trump creates private protection force in response to violent crowd events

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has made a huge announcement after another rally for the candidate was disrupted by protesters.

Members of the “Black Lives Matter” movement started chanting and several fights broke out in the crowd as police removed the protesters.

This comes after waves of dissenters have made their way into a number of recent rallies for the billionaire candidate and former comedian.

With fears of a potential attempt on his life, Trump has announced the following plan:

“The police, gotta love the police, and the secret service, hey did you see that one agent take down that reporter trying to get at me!? If im elected, that agent is getting a freaking medal, ok. But sadly this administration doesn’t want to see me protected. Our police and secret service are over worked and over stressed. So today I am announcing that I will be creating my own security team to help protect me, ok because the police and secret service, I mean, come on, they need a break, they are good men and women who like me, wanna make America great again! So I’m making my own private security team ok called “Save America” or the SA for short. They will have brown uniforms and black hats so people won’t mistake them for our boys in blue, give it up for the police they are amazing ok. I also think they will have their own flag, red for the color of Republican party with a black T for Trump on a smaller white circle back ground so the T will pop! Great idea because I only make great ideas that NO ONE has ever come up with! It’s gonna be yuge! Ok? YUGE.”

The SA will start following Trump around to all his future rallies and events later this week. Sources close to the candidate say the SA is rapidly growing and currently has around 300 chapters in as many states.

Stubhill News will keep you up to date on this growing movement which certainly is a first of its kind.


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