Stubhill News’ Statement of Ethics

Dear Reader,

     Independent journalism is at risk. Major media conglomerates are purchasing smaller news sources and have Wall Street in their pocket. The mainstream news sources you sheepishly choose over Stubhill News are owned by demagogues that push a political agenda.
     We here at Stubhill would like to remind you that we are reluctantly independent. Our journalism is not controlled by big money corporations. The sad truth, reader, is that we are in the pocket of no one but of our own.
     We would like to regretfully assure you that our news is honest, and our stances are not influenced by that of monetary gain. By being the best independent and unbiased news source on the internet and in print, we hope to attract an audience that relishes in the truth and can be properly informed, and then one day figure out a way to monetize our relationship with that audience.
     We hope to have the momentum one day to compete with (or be bought by) the richer, more biased news sources in the media conglomerate monopoly. So please, dear reader, do your part to keep independent journalism alive and prosperous so we can one day transition to bigger and better things.
The Stubhill News team

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