Declassified emails reveal Clinton fell for scam multiple times, lost $150k

Clinton site

Newly declassified emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous personal hard drive reveal that the Democratic frontrunner fell for the infamous Nigerian Prince scam several times, costing the infamous State Department $150 thousand.

When questioned as to how she could fall for the Nigerian Prince scam, Clinton stressed that the Nigerians and America have strong diplomatic bonds which she wanted to maintain.

“Imagine if I had declined to assist the Prince of Nigeria,” retorted Clinton. “If any harm would have befallen him, then our alliance would have been shattered.”

Clinton went on to explain that she intended to use the windfall to pay down the national debt.

“Really it would have been fiscally irresponsible not to try,” Clinton stressed. “Plus, it’s not like it’s my money.”

A press release from the Clinton campaign put a positive spin on the new controversy, stating that Clinton only fell for the scam 12 times, and that the only reason she fell for it the first time is because of the candidate has terrible judgment.

Aside from the scam revelation, the rest of the nearly 7 thousand declassified emails were “Thanks Obama” memes.

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