Dog actor announces Libertarian presidential campaign


Owners of Buddy, the animal actor known for his harrowing, Oscar-winning performance in the seminal 90’s film Air Bud, announced that he would be running for president as a Libertarian.

Spokesman for the Buddy campaign Cesar Millan countered claims that the candidate would be ineligible for office by referring to the 9th Amendment.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says a dog can’t hold the office of president,” shouted Millan.

Millan said that the Libertarian Party was an obvious fit for the canine candidate, and insisted that Buddy would be the best choice for America.

According to the campaign website, Buddy’s only positions are opposition to leash laws, breed-specific legislation and government regulation of the banking industry.

Political analysts said Buddy would not be the first time an animal actor had been elected to the office of president.

In 1980, the star of the movie Bedtime for Bonzo was elected president.

According to analysts, the fact that Buddy has been dead since 1998 is more likely to harm the candidate’s election prospects.


President Ronald Reagan on the set of Bedtime for Bonzo

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