Ashley Madison hacker revealed to be a site user

The FBI raided the house of John N Fidelis this morning after investigation put him at the center of a hacking scandal involving Ashley Madison, a dating website for extra-marital affairs.

A source close to the case said Fidelis has been cooperating with authorities since his arrest.

“It seems that he actually has an account on Ashley Madison and didn’t want his wife to find out,” said the source.

Fidelis’ arrest is just the tip of the iceberg of leads uncovering a massive computer hacking collective.

At the moment it seems that Fidelis hacked the site as a defensive measure.

“A friend of Fidelis thought it would be funny to hack the site and expose the users,” our source said. “Mr. Fidelis didn’t want anyone to know had an account, so he took matters into his own hand to defend his personal image.”

Stubhill was able to speak with Fidelis’ wife Ann Fidelis, who had an account of her own.

“Surprisingly this revelation has brought us closer together,” said Mrs. Fidelis. “When he hacked the site he discovered my account.

“I was quite embarrassed when he confronted me, but then he came clean about his own account. It was an adorable, relationship-defining moment that really reminded me how much we have in common and why we are together in the first place: We are two selfishly terrible, terrible people.”


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