Hillary Clinton receives $2 million from KKK and neo-Nazi groups


WARNING: If you’re reading this, there’s a 50 percent chance some alt-right dipshit shared it with you without reading it.


WASHINGTON D.C.—Several factions of the KKK and neo-Nazi groups have come out in public support of Hillary Clinton.

The groups have donated a collective $2 million to her campaign, as well as executed a highly-active social media campaign in support of Clinton.

“We actually really done(sic) like her at all, which is why we(sic) supporting her,” said local Klansman Billy-Bob . “We white supremacists are well-aware that our public image ain’t(sic) the best. We decided to stop fighting and embrace it. All we gotta(sic) do is publically endorse the  people we don’t like. With our support, she’ll never win!”

The Clinton campaign said they only took the money because the organizations did not properly label themselves.

“With so many organizational transitions they no longer call themselves the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazi Party; they need to differentiate themselves from the other bodies claiming to Klansmen or Nazis,” said a spokesman for the Clinton campaign. “For example, we accepted monetary donations from organizations calling themselves ‘Coup Clucks Clan and’ the ‘Not-See Party’—Okay, now that we say it out loud the name sounds a little more obvious.”

The Clinton campaign said it would really like to return the donations, but unfortunately the money has already spent on “really fancy cheese” for campaign banquets.

Rick Perry, former Governor of Texas and Republican candidate for 2016, said he is outraged that Clinton “took any money from an organization that was dishonest.”

Perry added “such blatant deceptery(sic) has no place in politics” and he only accepts donations from “honest, salt-of-the-earth racists, not deceptive racist organizations.”

Republican front-runner and comedian Donald Trump released a characteristically vicious Twitter attack against Clinton in response to the news.

trump tweet

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4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton receives $2 million from KKK and neo-Nazi groups

  1. $2 million on fancy cheese? Really ? The Clintons just grab the money and spend, spend, spend on themselves. Not a care about where it came from or who sent it in (and awaits their due consideration). The Clintons deceptions may have finally caught up with them and both could face adjoining prison cells and orange jumpsuits. Let’s cut the crap now and decide to bring Killary up on charges but let’s do so AFTER the election of our next GOP president and AFTER the swearing-in ceremony so Obummer cannot pardon her for her crimes against humanity. Real humanity would not stand for a presidential candidate who is a documented criminal and a bold-faced liar. Remember, Killary lied and four true American heroes died a horrific death on the streets of Benghazi. Do not let Killary escape justice this time, again. Enough is enough. Day 1 for our next president, our GOP president, will be a very busy day but not too busy to attend to this. Let this injustice be corrected. Hold Killary accountable for her actions, for a change, and bring the honor to our Benghazi heroes that is due. Killary lied and four American heroes died. Hold her accountable.

    • I agree completely, she needs to be jailed for what she did. In Obama will never do it because he want he will go down with her. She is so pathetic with her reasons for taking that money. She knows where everything comes from. Just like Ted Cruz he knew that Ben Carson was not leaving the campaign. They are the ones that are supposed to check their facts and not leave it up to their campaign managers. Then when something goes wrong they can point the finger at the campaign manager. That’s not how it works. They both have to remember Cruz and Hillary have to remember when you point a finger there’s three pointing back at you. We don’t need another Obama in the White House, someone who is irresponsible and shiftless and who wants to put the blame on everybody else when things go wrong. Prosthetic really pathetic both of them. What do we expect from the establishment

    • Yeah I wonder why its not being published or posted by the media? Well heck no because the media has nothing to gain they don’t get any cuddles if they report on Hilary about the KKK and their two million dollar contribution and her accepting it. She claimed that she didn’t know they gave it to her because they gave it to her under an assumed name, Yeah right whatever Hillary’s you would take money from anybody for anything you’ve done it before and you would do it again. Anything to win, that’s you Hilary! Win at any cost and step on anybody’s toes to do it.

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