Boston Mayor announces nuclear option for snow management

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced today that his office is looking into the use of tactical nuclear weapons as a means of snow removal.

Excess snow has become a problem for Boston as record snow fall of over 77 inches in three weeks has left the New England city without space to move the snow to.

According to information released by Walsh’s office, the snow would be hauled to cities which the state has determined as being expendable before being exposed to nuclear blasts.

W4ST9971.JPGThe announcement came as a shock to the nation as this makes Boston the first city to formally announce nuclear capability.

Walsh stressed that any decision to exercise this nuclear option would be thoroughly considered before being made.

“The safety protocol on Boston’s nuclear program is intricate and well-guarded,” said Walsh. “Only the most-trusted department of the Dropkick Murphys has the capability of nuclear deployment.”

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