Sarah Palin furious about U.S. aid to typhoon-ravaged Philippines

In a tweet earlier today from Sarah Palin, the former star of TLC reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, she expressed outrage over the $20 million in emergency aid the U.S. is sending to the Philippines


Palin apparently mistook Tacloban City for the Taliban, a group that was not directly responsible for the September 11th terror attacks, but did provide safe haven for those who were.

Palin doubled down on her assertion by exerting an existential justification for her statement based upon a philosophy of universal interconnections.

When pressed for a retraction on CNN’s The Shituation Room with Wolf Blitzer, she rolled her eyes before launching into this defense.

“Wolf, hear me out, all things now are dependent on all things prior,” Palin said with a flair reminiscent of of some college freshman who just really connected with some book.

“So, therefore, everything prior to 9/11 was instrumental to that event’s occurrence,” Palin continued. “Do you really think that if the Philippines hadn’t existed that 9/11 would have happened? Not likely. Don’t be naive, bro.”

Blitzer’s mind was visibly blown.

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