West Virginia accidentally outlaws sexual acts with miners


Other types of jobs are going to become more elusive thanks to a typo in a new West Virginian law.

A law which was intended to outlaw sexual behavior with minors unintentionally impacted the state’s miners due to a typo.

Junior West Virginian Senator Barry Manilow said that the typo was a simple mistake.

“The bill when originally submitted stated that a ‘minor is defined as any person under the age of 18,” said Manilow. “Then a typo occurred somewhere along the line which made the bill read that ‘a miner is defined as any person who extracts resources from a mine in exchange for pay.”

The mistake may not be easily reversed as there was a “no takesbacksies” clause written into the final version of the law.

At press time, West Virginian lawmakers were working on changing the legal definition of takesbacksies.

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