Western Wall cracking where Trump touched it


The Western Wall has begun to rapidly crack, and is expected to collapse entirely within the next month.

The Western Wall is a holy Jewish site which was recently visited by acting U.S. President Donald Trump.

Coincidentally, the cracks first began at the very spot that Trump had placed his hands during his visit.

Esteemed biblical scholar Bartholomew Manilow has suggested that the sudden and rapid decay of the two-century old structure is fulfillment of a prophecy rather than mere coincidence.

“Nostradumass predicted just this event as heralding a new age of darkness,” said Manilow. “Century XXI, Quatrain 45 explicitly states that: ‘Sacred wall, crumble quickly, separating wall will rise, when the dark orange one touches the limestone.”

The Trump administration has dismissed the wall’s decay as fake news and another example of “typical, 16th century mainstream liberal prophecy.”

Trump later tweeted that he takes great personal offense at the suggestion that he is dark.

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