EXCLUSIVE: Giraffe pregnancy an elaborate April Fools’ joke


After a month-long investigation, Stubhill News has uncovered that the pregnancy of April the giraffe is nothing more than an elaborate April Fools’ day prank.

Animal Adventure Park Zoo has been live streaming the giraffe since February, routinely assuring viewers that April would soon give birth to a baby girble.

Several Stubhill investigative journalists mysteriously disappeared while infiltrating the Animal Adventure Park Zoo.

The last journalist to go missing was able to place a call to a secure line where audio was captured which seemingly revealed the prank.

“You just had to keep digging, didn’t you,” a menacing voice can be heard saying. “We’ve already come too far and buried too many bodies to let you ruin our April Fools’ day fun.”

Several thuds and muffled screams can then be heard on the recording.

Well played, Animal Adventure Park Zoo. You really had us going! You can return our journalists to us now.

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