White House master bedroom listed on Airbnb

KN-C21506  09 May 1962First Lady's Bedroom, White House.

KN-C21506 09 May 1962 First Lady’s Bedroom, White House.

WASHINGTON, DC—The White House master bedroom was listed on Airbnb over the weekend.
According to Precedent Donald Jabroni Trump, he decided to offer the bedroom to the public in order to bring in more revenue.

The listing reads:

“This is my primary residence but I often visit my other amazing properties as I travel quite frequently. When I am spending time in New York’s Trump Tower or Mar-a-Largo in Florida (both of which are great!), I would like to offer my residence. It is a cozy bedroom and suite in Washington DC.”

The posting further advertises that the location is “the absolute best” for proximity to attractions as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian Museum.

At the bottom of the listing it states that “sometimes the toilet does not flush. Just let it be and I will take care of it when I return.”

In a series of tweets, White House press secretary Sean Spicer hailed the move as.

“This is another unpresidented move that is incredibly smart for business,” tweeted Spicer. “The POTUS has a great side-hustle that will bring dozens of extra rubles to his income. This is another classic example of how Trump is way better than Clinton and you need to quit your whining about losing. Period.”

At press time, there was only one review for the room from a “V. Pdiddy,” which praised the location and comfort level of the bed, but complained of a faint smell of ammonia.

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