InfoWars fan calls CNN fake news


WARNING: This is a departure from our normal material. Brace yourselves.

President-elect Donald Trump labeled CNN “fake news” today in response to their reporting on the possibility that the Russian government has compromising information about Trump.

Saddling CNN with the label “fake news” is interesting move for someone who during his presidential campaign courted the support of the internet’s leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his media misinformation platform “InfoWars.”

If you don’t already Jones and his InfoWars website, then consider yourself flucky. Sadly, however, you probably should be aware of his reputation as Trump was all too willing to describe it as “amazing” when he appeared on Jones’ talk show last December.

Jones runs a lucrative business of peddling fear and false narratives through his online media empire.

For a small taste of Jones reputation, know that he maintains that the 9/11 and Boston Marathon terrorist attacks were government orchestrated plots.

Jones also asserts that the events of Sandy Hook elementary shooting are a story that “has more holes than Swiss cheese.” Propelling a narrative which encourages those detached from reality to harass and threaten the family and community members where the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred.

For a more full helping of Jonesian bullshit, give this 13-minute compilation video of 42 predictions whose inaccuracies are rivaled only by their sheer insanity.

We will soon have a president whose public position is that Jones is somehow more legitimate than CNN. And that is why this humble, amateur satirist finds himself compelled to write something that’s not fake news for once.


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