Trump got iconic red cap idea from Fred Durst


TRUMP TOWER—It is no secret that Donald Trump is not the first person to don a famous “red cap.” In an interview with Bill Cosby on “Kids Say the Darnedest Things,” the billionaire businessman and former comedian admitted that he got the idea for a fashionable red baseball cap from Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

When asked about the inspiration for the cap during the candid interview, the infant king paused dramatically before taking off his business jacket, rolling up his sleeves exposing his many tattoos. He then spun his chair around before sitting in it backwards in the style of a 90’s boy band member, so that his dilapidated genitalia faced the back of the chair.

“The man is a true artist. There is not a night goes by where I don’t fall asleep listening to Break Stuff,” said Trump. “I have tremendous respect for Robert Durst as well, but Fred really speaks to me. Even in his personal life, me and him have a lot in common. He has many Russian sympathies and speaks very highly of Putin.”

Fred Durst has even gone as far to express interest in becoming a citizen of the Russian Federation and travels to Russia as frequently as he can.

Durst was receptive of Trump’s admission, and in a press release spoke highly of the president-elect.

“Hey y’all. D Diddly Trump took the red cap and brought it back. He flipped it ’round and rocked it. We the same, dawg. We both just like doin’ it all for da nookie and wanna chill wit our man Putin. GET THE FUCK UP.”

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