Trump to replace Flint water supply with Gatorade

Flint Gatorade Site

Residents of Flint, Mich. are on the fast track to have their city’s situation returned to a state of objective greatness after a former comedian and President-elect Donald J. Trump’s has revealed support for a plan to replace the city’s water supply with Gatorade.

According to the press release, Flint’s water supply will receive an upgrade to a system which will dispense the Lemon-Lime flavor of Gatorade rather than “boring old water, like one is apt to find in a toilet.”

“Gatorade is a tremendous drink with an incredible influence,” said Trump on twitter. “It’s got electrolytes! No one respects electrolytes more than me.”

The plan to convert the city’s water supply was originally set in motion earlier this year but was tied up in bureaucratic red tape thanks to President Barack H. “Stick in the Mud” Obama.

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