Gamers file lawsuit against Pokémon company

pokemon go court

Pokémon Go, the augmented-reality, GPS-roaming game designed for cell phones, is in hot legal water due to the game’s continual server issues causing hundreds of thousands of gamers to lose Pokémon.

The class-action charges are serious, with as many as 400 thousand would-be captured Pokémon lost due to game freezes.

The Law Office of Jessie and James, the firm representing the claimants, is demanding their clients receive full compensation for their initial losses as well as any legal fees related to the case.

A panel of claimants held a press conference discussing their loss.

“We just want what’s rightfully owed to us,” said the group of openly-weeping 20 somethings.

The Pokémon Company company countered by insisting that the lawsuit was a fraudulent attempt to secure Mewtwo, as all the claimants allege the freezing caused them to lose that Pokémon.

According to Professor Samuel Oak the chances that that many people were unable to catch Mewtwo is statistically unlikely.

Pokémon Go is no stranger to controversial news.

The game was recently discovered to be responsible for thousands of pedestrian-related automobile accidents according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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