North Korea obtains Nerf Nuke technology

Nerf Nuke Site

The world’s armies have been placed on high alert after new photos reveal North Korea is now a nuclear power.

The International Atomic Energy Agency issued an immediate response claiming North Korean possession of a Nerf Nuke as the inevitable consequence of allowing the technology to be openly sold with little to no regulation.

“We welcomed this crises the moment western capitalists decided to put profit over prudence,” said IAEA Director General Hideo Kojima.

Kojima was referencing lax U.S. arms regulations which allow even children to purchase a Nerf Nuke just so long as they have enough money.

“It was only a matter of time before the North Korean leadership discovered and raised $99.99,” said a defeated Kojima. “What a deal!”

Nerf Nuke Deto

Dramatic reenactment of a Nerf Nuke strike.

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