Angry Trump to voters: “You haven’t even seen my final form”

Trump Final Form Site

Fresh off of an upset loss to Ted Cruz in Iowa, a furious Donald Trump addressed a crowd in Iowa, promising Iowa voters that he would not soon forget their betrayal.

“I’m really rich; this is unacceptable,” bellowed Trump.

Trump added that if he didn’t do well in New Hampshire, then he would be forced to reveal his final form.

Trump continued to scold the crowd of increasingly scared onlookers by alluding to his plans for Iowa once he becomes president by putting a spin on a famous line from Cruz.

“I don’t know if corn can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out,” shrieked Trump.

The comment drew immediate criticism from Democratic presidential candidate Barnie Sandlers.

“These comments from Trump are disgusting,” said Sanlders. “I do not believe a presidential candidate should be in the business of threatening to genetically modify corn.”

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