Near-meaningless Iowa Caucus explained by Legos because we’re children

IowaCaucusLogoToday is the big day the nation leans in as Iowans gather to waste their time on a process that has the astonishing predictive power of a coin flip, but what is a caucus and how does it work?

The word caucus is derived from a Native ‘Merican word meaning “a gathering of tribal leaders.”

Unlike regular elections, the process is even less fun and more of a waste of time.

For the Democrat’s version, Stubhill News defers to a helpful video from Vermont Public Radio featuring Legos.


The Republican version is almost identical, except it involves secret ballots, a book burning and the ritual sacrifice of the candidate with the least votes.

Services for Rick Santorum will be held at Fitting Neologism Funeral Home, 10 Faust Road, on Saturday, Feb. 5.

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