Sanders supports using drones to fight wealth inequality

Bernie Drone

In his strongest speech about the importance of lessening wealth inequality, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he supports tactical drone strikes in the fight against wealth inequality.

The policy clarification came during a question and answer session at a town hall event in Iowa.

“What is the most politically achievable means of reducing income inequality,” asked a member of the crowd.

“Drones,” said Sanders flatly. “Tactical drone strikes would be the quickest way to redistribute the excessive wealth of the top quarter of the top ten percentile of the one percent, and you can take that to the bank!”

The Vermont senator went on to say the process, which he described as “the new trickle down economics,” could easily be carried out by the executive with minimal hassle from the other branches.

“All you need to do is alter the targeting profile of enemy combatants, just up the age of suspected enemy combatants and switch out Kalashnikov rifles and Casio watches with briefcases and Rolex watches and you’re all set,” said Sanders.

Sanders later stated that as a traditional socialist he would ideally prefer the use of guillotines, however he does not think it could work with how politically correct people are now days.

Sanders expressed belief that his pragmatic acceptance of drones should show undecided voters he is capable of compromise.

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