80 percent of Republicans support blowing up Alderaan

Alderaan.pngA new poll indicates a strong majority of Republicans support the Empire’s annihilation of Alderaan.

The bombshell study, conducted by the Council for Unavailing Research and Education Statistics, found that 80 percent of the 12,350 surveyed Republicans were “very supportive” of the the destruction of the fictional planet.

The study varies from recent study results that found 30 percent of Republicans favor bombing the fictional city of Agrabah from Disney’s Aladdin.

“This study was only given to participants who displayed a working knowledge and understanding of the Star Wars universe,” said CURES pollster Frank Palpatine. “Republicans are largely supportive of the fictional Empire and its methods.”

Another poll of 11,743 Democrats revealed 93 percent favor a policy of tactical drone strikes against suspected Rebel scum.

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