Unemployed Donald Trump might actually run for president now

NEW YORK—Presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced he “might actually try running for real this time” now that NBC and Univision have cut ties with the billionaire.

After recent controversial comments by Trump, NBC and Univision announced they would no longer work with Trump on TV programs such as The Apprentice, Miss America, and Miss Universe.

“As we can all remember in 2012, I ran for president and decided to ‘withdraw’ to focus on my show,” Trump said. “It was a genius business tactic because everyone remembered who I was and that I have a show coming up.”

However now that he is without a TV show, Trump said he is “looking into any job prospects currently open, and president seems to be the best opportunity at the moment.”

trump“Being el presidente will actually be a substantial decrease in moola for me, but jobs are hard to come by in this economy,” Trump said. “I promise that I will bring myself a job if I am president, and you can take that to the bank! That is not something other candidates can guarantee for me.”

NBC issued a formal apology for sparking Trump’s legitimate campaign attempt, declaring “he’s kindof a dick.”

Meanwhile, the public demanded NBC be less politically correct about the matter.

Univision declined to make a formal comment because “if we ignore him, maybe he will go away.”

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