Newly orphaned 11-year-old Palestinian completely understands why his family had to die

flagKhalid Hadawi, an 11 year old whose apartment was destroyed by Israeli Defense Force munitions, said he completely understands why his whole family had to die and that the event will certainly not be the basis for severe emotional trauma or hatred for Israel.

In a press release, a blood-and-tear-soaked Hadawi said:

“Hey, how can I blame Israel? They were nice enough to drop leaflets telling us to evacuate the safety of our home into a city that is currently under bombardment. It’s obviously my family’s fault. I’m definitely not going to be emotionally traumatized and develop a hatred for Israel deeply rooted in the ashes of my home and the blood of my slain family members.That would just be irrational! I mean, who does that? I don’t want to be that guy.”

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