Ginsberg stops terror attack at Nakatomi Tower

rbg die hard

LOS ANGELES—Chaos ensued late Christmas Eve as Nakatomi Tower as terrorists took a company Christmas party hostage.

Although it was really annoying to have a company party on Christmas Eve, one particular guest, who doesn’t even work there, saved the day.

Terrorists suffered heavy casualties as none other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg single-handedly foiled their plans.

“I was able to steal a machine gun from a terrorist I killed,” said a nonchalant Ginsberg. “After which I strategically took them out one by one. I then tossed their leader off the skyscraper. But at the end of the day I’m just happy to see Holly and that she’s safe.”

The Supreme Court justice also added that “they don’t teach you these skills at the academy,” and added that “this is why you never skip leg day, even if you fracture your ribs or have surgery for lung cancer.”

This is not the first time Ruth Bader Ginsburg saved the day. In the late 90s, she and her crew of oil drillers saved the world by going into space and detonating a nuclear bomb inside an asteroid.

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