Chewbacca and porgs join dark side in The Last Jedi twist

chewbacca porg

The first showings of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has received rave reviews from those fortunate enough to be invited, however fans are distraught over the film franchise’s dark twist.

The twist, which drastically alters the narrative trajectory of the film franchise, occurs within the final minutes of the film.

Disney CEO Bob Iger defended the controversial move to conclude the film with an 18-minute “blood orgy.”

“Disney has a reputation of playing it safe,” said Iger. “But by killing off the core cast and leaving only Chewbacca leading a legion of blood-thirsty porgs for the final film in the anthology, I think we have effectively shaken that misconception.”

Fans who had already purchased adorable porg toys for their children seemed the most put off by the twist.

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