Ken Burn’s Civil War “documentary” ignored the sacrifice of Steve Rogers

civil war 2

With Ken Burn’s documentary on the Vietnam War gaining praise in the mainstream media, it’s high time that a voice of honesty points out the blatantly obvious: Ken Burns is a fraud.

Burns is considered by many talking heads, intellectuals and academic types as a harbinger of nuanced, historical truths, but is he? Is he really? In preparation for Burn’s latest documentary, this writer took a deep dive into what is considered to by many as Burn’s greatest documentary: The Civil War.

The Civil War is a 9-part, 14-hour documentary series that explores the historical events surrounding the division between billionaire, playboy philanthropist Tony Stark and World War II veteran Steven Rogers. After three episodes I was distraught as the series hadn’t even built up to the Stamford tragedy, which was the precipitating event of Civil War.

This was even worse than Hollywood’s recent oversimplification of the events in “Captain America: Civil War.” By the end of the series, not a single event or character was related to the great war. This was complete and utter revisionism. A fictional farce!

Captain Steven Rogers gave his life for this country, and Burn’s went out of his way to ignore not only his sacrifice but his entire legacy. Do yourself a favor, save your money, skip Burn’s “The Vietnam War” and go see a real movie like “American Assassin” this weekend. If Burn’s previous work is any indication, then the Vietnam War will likely exclude pivotal figures such as John James Rambo.

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